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How Do You Pick A Personal Injury Attorney

This is a tough question for most people. If you have been seriously injured, you may have already been called, or received a letter from several law offices. On one hand, that may mean you have a good case and the attention may be a good sign. On the other hand, how do you know that you are being contacted by a quality, experienced, ethical firm? You have to do some legwork, or in this case, computer and phone work to know.

Time Is Crucial With Trucking Accidents

This is one of the few times where you do need to move quickly to find an attorney. Some trucking companies do not keep records of their trucks and drivers past a few months. Therefore it is necessary for your attorney to file a suit or get an agreement from the company to retain all records related to the collision as quickly as possible. Driver logs, repair logs, service logs, the list goes on, and this information can be crucial to a case. We know it can be hard to think about pursuing a legal case when you are injured or dealing with the death of a relative, but sometimes quick action is necessary.

What Defines Product Liability

Products Liability cases are challenging, but they often give an injured person a chance to help others. Everyone remembers the coffee burn case in Texas. Stella Liebeck received 3rd degree burns on her labia and buttocks from spilling a cup of coffee she bought at McDonalds. After a Jury trial, the jury awarded her 2.8 million dollars. The judge reduced it to $600,000.00, and it eventually settled for less during an appeal.

What To Do After An Automobile Collision

You've just had a wreck. A car blew through a stop sign and the drunk driver hit your car, hard. Here are a few tips to think about, from an experienced perspective. First, turn off your ignition. Many vehicle fires can be prevented if you turn off your car right away after a wreck. Second, assess your medical situation and those of your passengers. If you think you are OK to get out of the car, go check on the other driver. Make sure their ignition is switched off. If you have medical training, you can help out whoever needs it on the scene. As soon as you know whether anybody is seriously injured call emergency personnel and explain there was a crash, that people are injured and do your best to tell them where you are. If your vehicles are disabled, don't try to move them. If your vehicles aren't creating an immediate hazard, even if they can be moved, don't move them. Be honest with Law Enforcement. If you believe you might be guilty of some type of crime, you may want to wait until you can talk to an attorney before you make a statement to Law Enforcement officers.

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