Experience Matters

We've seen the movies where a young lawyer beats all odds and wins or settles a huge case against a big company. These are exciting movies because we don't expect "the little person" to win against MegaCorp. Sadly, there is a very good reason for that. Many inexperienced lawyers take on huge cases against sophisticated defendants with distressing results. There are a lot of pitfalls in cases, especially those cases which may go to trial. Pitfalls are usually invisible, unless you know where to look. Experience gives an attorney the ability to see where those pitfalls are, often because when they were younger, they fell into the same trap! Only after doing a large number of trials can the lawyer "read" the Judge and Jury precisely enough to match their case and their words to the Judge and Jury they are facing. Often its the little things that make the difference. Does the Jury trust one of the attorneys? Is that trust because the attorney is older (and wiser?) than the younger attorney? To be clear, there are young attorneys who are absolutely capable of handling complex claims to Jury trial and beyond, but they are rare. Can you tell the difference? Bill Rotts has been trying cases to Juries for almost three decades. That's enough experience. You can tell the difference with Bill.

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