Tough Cases

Not all cases are easy ones. Our office has taken many difficult cases to trial. If we believe in the case, we are going to take it to trial, even when the other side is making no settlement offers to our clients. There are many law firms who refuse to take tough cases to trial, citing the cost and difficulties involved. It is true that a jury trial, even a small one, costs tens of thousands of dollars in time and expense, but good lawyers have to be ready to take their cases to trial, even when they are risky.

Our office just finished a jury trial, where our client had been roughed up by a security guard in a store. It was a difficult case, because every witness was aligned against our client. We believed in our client and believed in her case. Our client indicated that a large part of her desire to go to trial was to be able to tell her side of the story. We knew that with the right day and the right jury, we could be successful, and we supported our client.

Unfortunately, after a hard-fought trial, the jury found for the defendants. Our client, though, considered it a victory. In many ways it was a victory. We have no doubt that our client will not be abused by that guard again. Our client got to tell her story and the system provided her with a trial.

Our client was African-American, and there were no people of color of any type on the jury panel. One could suppose that our client did not get a jury of her peers for this civil case. Regardless of the circumstances, we are proud to have represented her and proud to have had the opportunity to take her case to trial. We would have preferred a victory, but good lawyers take tough cases to trial as well as easy ones.

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